Monday, February 29, 2016

29 February 2016

29 February 2016

Hello people of the Sun!

I saw that Arizona is hot already (I honestly kinda miss it). It is still around 50 degrees here if it even gets that high. But it is nice to walk around and "tract" in haha.
The reason why that is funny to me is because you can't really tract in Idaho, too many members. We rely a lot on the members and what referrals they give us.
So anyways... about my week. I have nothing interesting to write about and no pictures to send because I have been in my house all week. I am not going APO [ from mom - I have no clue what this means.... as soon as I figure it out, I will post] !! haha
Last Monday, I got a concussion. About 3 hours after I sent my emails out haha. I was playing a game called "Gator Ball" basically all it is, is Rugby and Soccer mixed together. But no tackling or hitting or anything like that. I was being the goalie (habit) and an Elder went to shoot a goal and threw the ball too high. He hit a spot on my head that has taken damage before and he had a cannon for an arm. So it did some damage. By the time 8PM came around I had difficulty sleeping and my heart was racing (120bpm). So I called the nurse and in turn was locked in my house for a week. I wasn't allowed to do anything, including READ! (Little hard to study when you can't read). Today is my first day out in the world and it feels wonderful! I will continue trying to teach people and visit with them this week now that I can be active! I don't even have pictures so I hope you all don't mind that this email is short and boring. But it reflects well on my week (Except my week was LONG!)
I do know that this gospel is true and that Heavenly Father loves me. This injury was for my growth and not my hindering. Heavenly Father loves every single one of us and wants us to return home to Him. If any of you have questions of comments for me I would love to hear them!
my email is
I Love You all!
Elder Farney

Friday, February 26, 2016

22 February 2016

22 February 2016

Hello Everyone!!
So I have figured out that not only do I need to take each week as a new week, BUT I also need to take each day as a new day. Feelings and experiences from the day before can cloud your judgement and decisions for today. Remember to go each day being guided by the spirit and not by your own desires! Everything is in the Lord's time and not ours. I found an awesome scripture that explains this.
Its Psalms 37: 3-7
  3 Trust in the LORD, and do good; so shalt thou dwell in the land, and verily thou shalt be fed.
  4 Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.
  5 Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.
  6 And he shall bring forth thy righteousness as the light, and thy judgement as the noonday.
  7 Rest in the LORD, and wait patiently for him: fret not thyself because of him who prospereth in his way, because of the man who bringeth to pass wicked devices.
I know that I need to trust the Lord and the plan that he has for me. And I know that I have been called here for a reason and that not only is there someone here that needs me, but there is someone here that I need as well. We don't always need to know the why or how to everything. Have faith, take the step. Pull an Indian Jones. For that is the way to trust in the Lord! And, I leave that testimony with you in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

NOW for my week! haha
So this week has still been a struggle, but a lot of good has come from it too! We have been able to clear out a lot of our lists finding those who are not prepared enough to listen to our wonderful message. But even using those that aren't interested we can find those that are. Also I learned that too many people keep to themselves! PEOPLE! GET TO KNOW YOUR NEIGHBORS!!! It will not only help you, them, and the community. But it can really help with Missionary Work and giving the Missionary's referrals! We really can't do this on our own! We need the help of the members and just people in the community. Don't be afraid to talk about the gospel and see if someone is interested in it. The worst that can happen is that they will say no. If they don't want to be friends anymore because of it, then really think about how much you meant to that person in the first place.
(I'm not sure why, but I keep going off on tangents... guess Calculus has helped me on my mission... XD.... I'm so punny!.. anyways....)
So for this next week we are gonna start focusing on new names we have been given and the new lists that we received from our awesome Stake President, President Dye. We now have new ideas on who needs the Savior in their lives right now (we all do, but aren't all ready) and we have found families that want us over to just help with any issues they are having or want a better understanding on what the savior has taught us to do. These next couple weeks should be awesome!!
So with the struggle this week, we really haven't gotten inside a lot of homes. We did some families this week and those were nice lessons. AND some super exciting news! We committed a young man to be baptized! The family is less active, but all of their oldest kids are baptized and so when we brought it up to their next one (He's 10) he was like "Oh yeah I've been wanting to get baptized" it actually kinda stunned us. Even funnier he has a little sister who is 8 and she says "I don't want to get baptized because they are gonna hold me down there for too long and kill me"..... so we are trying to teach her how baptism works and we will take the whole family to see a baptism so that all the younger kids have a better idea! The baptismal date is set for March 26th, and we will see how that plays out!
I don't really have any other news this week. But a word of advise that we seem to just... forget about... BEFRIEND EVERYONE. When people are new to the church or even just new to an area, it can be hard to try and be comfortable. Talk to them, welcome them, invite them to activities either through the church or just as a regular one. It will really help the whole family. Don't judge on looks (of any kinds) stereotypes destroy lives and friendships. Love everyone for who they are, remember innocent until proven guilty. It works.
I love each of you and I can't wait to talk to you! I love getting random emails from people so if you have anything you want to say to me or ask me just email me
Have a great week!!
This is Elder Farney, Elder Witbeck, Sister Archer, and Sister Williams! 
These are the two sisters in my District, 
they have super happy personalities and bring the Spirit in everything they do!

So this is a before Picture of a treat a family made for us on Valentine's Day. 
Dad, you're gonna love this next one!

IT'S A RICE CRISPY TREAT!!!! It was super yummy!

15 February 2016

15 February 2016

Okay so not gonna lie, this past week has been a bit of a bummer too. But it was much better than the week before!

So we found a family that had recently moved in. And we started getting in contact and trying to set up an appointment with her and her kids. And one day this week she said "I'm too busy to  meet right now, sorry"... So we got dropped like a rock. Sadness, but that is part of the reality of a Mission. A young man that we have been trying to teach named Jett, he has been wrestling and going to state tournaments so he hasn't been able to meet with us, but we will see him soon.

But we have done a lot of good this week too. We took some time to go through and clean up our Area Books and find new people to reject us haha. We found a couple people who are interested in having us come back and teach though. And last night President Dye (Stake President) invited us over to his house to see how he could help us. So when we told him about our issues with old records and not up to date information. He gave us access to ALL of the stake's information on all families and everything we need to know! So things should go well for us this next week as we use our new information to meet new families. It is a really great blessing to have so much support from auxiliaries and leadership in the church.

The weather has been interesting, it has been getting warm. like anywhere from 35-45 degrees! (That's burning here! For all you folks back home that think that is wicked cold) And it has felt really warm. BUT the wind has been absolutely ridiculous! It creates like a -20 wind chill and drops the temperature really far. Its been at like 30mph for a long time. It makes it difficult to walk around and I have long hair right now so I look like trash all the time. So to combat that problem I am getting a hair cut this week. Well probably more than just one hair though. I'm gonna try and get them all cut. XD hahaha!

I have found a scripture this week that inspires me to work hard and to remain strong every day. That scripture is Numbers 23:22 (Old Testament). It says: "God brought them out of Egypt; he hath as it were the strength of an Unicorn"

So I will work with the strength of an Unicorn and help to deliver people from "Egypt" (Apostasy).

I love you all so much and I love getting all of your emails!
 The Ward Mission Leader of one of our wards is building this 
to take up into the mountains with him and his family. It is almost done!

We got to eat breakfast with a Member of the stake presidency 
and they had a bunch of dogs and chickens trying to kill each other over some food haha.

 So This is a picture that was drawn by a kid who was 14 and he is from Arizona. 
He has a lot of artwork like this. His name is Jordan O'Dare (I think) 
and I just thought it was really cool.

8 February 2016

 8 February 2016
Everything is going by so fast! On this next Saturday I will have been out for a MONTH! It is really exciting.

So this past week has been interesting. It has actually been a very challenging week. Things were not going our way at all. We had an appointment fall through because WE scrubbed up. We forgot to bring a member with us, the family is a Single Mother, a Youth that is 9 and his sisters. So we couldn't go in and teach. We are planning on returning this week and teaching a lesson and see if he is interested in being baptized.
And we have been teaching what we thought was two nonmembers. TURNS OUT the boyfriend/fiance was baptized when he was 8 and just never became active in the church. SO totally changing our approach and our paperwork because we have been counting them both as Nonmembers. It was really funny how he told us. Elder Witbeck has been visiting with them since before I got here, and it was after he and I had gone it 3 times and right after I said something about it being late and us needing to go and he said something along the lines of "Oh well yeah since I was baptized when I was 8 I do know a bit about the church." And you could feel the confusion in the room until he clarified that he was Baptized into the LDS church. Good to know before we try to extend a baptismal date to them haha.

Other things just have not been going our way, people not wanting to talk to us and others deciding that they aren't interested in the church at the moment. I know that is is part of the missionary life, but I can't help feel bad for them. I am so happy because I have the knowledge and understanding of where I came from, why I'm here, where I'm going, and how it is all possible. I really want everyone else to feel this as well. But everything works in its own time and the Lord will prepare those that need me here in Idaho.

I love working with the Members and the Ward Mission Leaders. Everyone is so welcoming and inviting. One thing I have noticed though is that everyone thinks that since I am from Arizona, I am dying out in the cold. Yes I will admit that I am still getting used to it. But I'm thick, lots of insulation haha. I'm surviving.

There really isn't a ton to report on this week. We do have a new rule though. We must wear our suits when we are out proselyting. Unless it is 70 degrees or above. It will be an adjustment but I will live haha.

I love all of you and I love receiving emails during the week!
 Just before I left, my mom and I ran into a friend of hers.  
She told us her nephew was serving in the same mission!!   
Guess who I ran into?!  Elder McMurdie

 Elder Witbeck and Elder Farney

A picture that a Less Active family had hanging in their home! 
I thought it was so cool. Their whole wall was dedicated to America.

This is JUST after it snowed for a whole night. 
The car didn't even want to drive. And! I could see my breath inside the car. 
It fascinated me haha!-- 

Monday, February 8, 2016

First Email From The Mission Field

1 February 2016

Well I have had a very interesting week!

Leaving the MTC was a party all by itself. Getting to the airport was lots of fun! (Sarcasm haha)

I have had so much going on that I can't really break it down by day. So it will just be all mashed together.

So since I have been in Idaho:
I arrived in Idaho and met my Companion/Trainer Elder Witbeck (Said how it is spelled). He is a really cool Missionary. He is from South Carolina and has been out for 7 months. BUT he was born in Charlotte, North Carolina haha. Thought that that was pretty cool. We have had a very productive week checking in on some Less Active members and finding 5 possible New Investigators! All in less than a week!!
Elder Witbeck and I are over 6 wards. That isn't even the whole stake! There are 10 wards in the stake, but the Zone Leaders cover the other 4 wards.

We cover:
Chubbuck 3rd,5th,6th,7th,9th, and 11th Wards

I have had dinner with several different families in the 11th Ward this week, but one family that is just SO cool and tons of fun is the Call family. We went over and had dinner and we spent hours just talking. For those of you that know Noah Clark, Brother Call is his dad's cousin! It was a cool connection to make. We played some games and gave a lesson, best night in Idaho so far.

This past Saturday the coolest thing happened!
Okay so my companion and I had just finished Companion study and we were about to go make our lunch when the phone rang and it was a number that we didn't recognize. He answered the phone and it ended up being a Missionary that had just gotten back the same day I got to Idaho! It was cool, he asked if he could treat us to lunch and we were like Heck Yes! So while Elder Witbeck and the returned missionary (Brother Anderson) were deciding on where to go eat I said "Why don't we go to Panda Express?" (One of my favorite places to eat) and they both decided that sounded good. So Brother Anderson showed up just a few minutes before we did and he ran into a guy that looked a little confused. Brother Anderson stopped to help him and found out that the Man was looking to expand his company out there. The man offered Brother Anderson a Job! Right There! He was so excited. It really proves that Heavenly Father guides and protects his children. We had lunch and he told us about his mission and it really showed us how much a mission can change someone if they let it.

This past Sunday we went to the 11th,3rd, and 6th ward. The 6th ward was where Brother Anderson was giving his Homecoming talk! And after sacrament, for the 3rd Ward, when I was sitting, a man came up to me and said "You're brand new on your mission aren't you?" I was mind blown because everyone else has told me that would have believed me if I had said I'd been out for a year! But i realized that I kinda recognized him, not sure why though. As we continue to talk I discover that it was a man that I had talked to on the Train to the Airport from the MTC!!! He was visiting his grandparents ward in Idaho this weekend, and I don't believe in Coincidences. It was such a cool moment and he told me that I look like I am handling the Mission well.

We have met many new people and my past as a wrestler and soccer player, and as wanting to join the military when I get home has opened so many doors and peoples interest sparks as they listen to my testimony about prayer and being guided to go on a mission.

I don't really have much else to say this week because it has only been a couple days. But I cant wait to have more to send next week.
If anyone every has questions, comments, concerns, or conundrums. Just send me an email and I will do my best to answer and reply.
ALSO I love getting pictures or people so if you can include emails of pictures!

I Love you all!!
-Elder Farney

A Plaque In The Mission Office

ELDER WITBECK (South Carolina)
My First Companion

Elder Allbright
A service missionary in our area that joins us every now and then!

All the missionaries from our Zone that were from Arizona. 
Except the one on the end 
(She had to be in it because her companion 
couldn't be alone in a pic with the Elders haha)

My District at the MTC and Sister Smyth (One of our Teachers)

A chain that we found outside a house 
that people use to help the ice down off the roof. 
It is totally enclosed in ice! (I'm cold up here haha)

Reporting To The Mission Home!!

23 January 2016

Elder Farney was able to call me from the airport - as he waited for his flight to Idaho.  Spoke for almost an hour!!  It was SO wonderful to hear his voice!  There were fifteen of them flying to Pocatello.  And a complete stranger treated them all to lunch!

As we were chatting - he would ask me to wait just a minute as he helped multiple people figure out how to use the calling cards and the pay phone!  What an exceptional young man!

The best part of the conversation - other than him repeatedly telling me how much he loved and missed me - was when he asked if I would take the phone to Little Man's preschool so he could talk to him.  Of course, I did! When Little Man was on the phone, he said, "Mommy I think Bubba's crying."  I said, "He is."  He says, "Why?"  I said, "Because he loves you and misses you so much."  He then spoke back into the phone and said, "Oh bubba.... I love you too."  Sweetest heartbreaking words ever!

I had been in touch with a wonderful fellow Missionary Momma for a few days via Facebook - I found out she was going to be serving dinner to my missionary when he arrived in Pocatello.  What an amazing woman!  She not only served him dinner - but took pictures and wrote me the BEST message!
               "He is doing great.  He was so excited.  He loved the food.... especially the potatoes!  He said, "My mom is a wizard in the kitchen."  He has a really funny personality.  A great sense of humor.  He said, "Oh, my mom is on that missionary momma's facebook thing too."  LOL  I gave him a nice pat on the shoulder for ya.  Hugs mom.  You have a great missionary." ~ Marcy Lyn Kestner



22 January 2016

22 January 2016

Hey Everyone!!
It's been a very fun and adventure filled week for me. Let me break it down.

So last friday was P-Day for me so I guess thats where my week starts. That's when I need to do my laundry, ironing, emailing, and anything else to prep for the week. We get to go to the temple EVERY FRIDAY that we are here. I was able to do one session and Initiatory for three names! It felt so good to be able to take time out of all the studying and learning to do that. After the temple we go back to class and studying haha.

So on Saturday we had slightly longer classes and we began out learning of the Teaching Resource Center (TRC). What that basically is, is that we meet with either real investigators or recent converts that are amazing actors and teach them the discussions. It has been a great help in seeing what Investigators are like in the real world.

So just like back home my Sunday consists of Sacrament and meetings haha. I've already helped pass the Sacrament and this week I'm going to Bless haha. We then learn more about ordinances and opportunities we have to serve as Missionaries. But other than that Sunday is a day to work on assessments and study. We had a devotional tonight by Sister Kemp Perry who is the woman that wrote and arranged several hymns and children's songs for the church. We got to sing along with some of the songs she wrote and also she shared with us her Family song that was absolutely AMAZING!! I really wish everyone had a family song. Also every Sunday night there is a Sunday night Movie and I got to watch the Character of Christ which is a MTC devotional given by Elder Bednar a few years ago at Christmas time. It really taught me the importance of thinking about others and not myself.

On Monday our week begins again and we started our TRC meetings. Elder Mau'u and I have been teaching a 75 year old man that loves to talk named Arnold. And a Early 20's Man named Andrew. They are polar opposites so it is fun to have to change mindsets. Really all we do during the day though is go to class and personal study. We have started getting Exercise time every day for an hour, so I have been running and playing volleyball to try and burn off some of my gut haha.

So for tuesday we didn't have TRC so our classes were a bit more extensive as we pull apart the verses in the Book of Mormon and Role Play with our Teachers. We really have a bit of the same schedule every day, but the lesson material changes. Also they have a choir here that practices every Tuesday and Sunday and that perform in the Tuesday night devotionals. This Tuesday night devotional was by Elder Falabella of the Seventy. He gave great insight into how to approach Missionary work and the Importance of speaking to everyone.

So for this Wednesday it was a special one. There was a world wide missionary broadcast. Every missionary in the MTC and out in the fields watched it. It was showing us the importance of working with the members in our area and why both Elders need to be in tune with the spirit and each other. It was really inspiring and made me realize to not be afraid to speak to people. It was a great help in boosting my confidence.

So this is the last day of my week. Things have been going really well with Arnold and he feels that our church is the only one that really makes sense. I am thinking that today (Friday) we will ask him to be BAPTIZED!! And I have a very strong feeling that he will say yes. But for Thursday we had what is called "In-Field Orientation" and that was when we went over all the behind the scene work for Missionaries. The making goals and planning, working with members to get referrals, and about why we need to be balanced in our teachings and about why it is important that you and your companion have great communication with each other.

Well Friends and Family that was my week. I can't wait to email you from Idaho next week.
I just want to leave you with some scriptures that I have been studying. If you will read 2 Nephi 31 it will tell you why I am on my mission and what it is that I need to be doing.

I Love all of You so much,
-Elder Farney

My MTC Branch President and his wife

Sister Pinhey (penny) and Sister Borla

Another zone in my district!

It is such a new sight!!