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22 January 2016

22 January 2016

Hey Everyone!!
It's been a very fun and adventure filled week for me. Let me break it down.

So last friday was P-Day for me so I guess thats where my week starts. That's when I need to do my laundry, ironing, emailing, and anything else to prep for the week. We get to go to the temple EVERY FRIDAY that we are here. I was able to do one session and Initiatory for three names! It felt so good to be able to take time out of all the studying and learning to do that. After the temple we go back to class and studying haha.

So on Saturday we had slightly longer classes and we began out learning of the Teaching Resource Center (TRC). What that basically is, is that we meet with either real investigators or recent converts that are amazing actors and teach them the discussions. It has been a great help in seeing what Investigators are like in the real world.

So just like back home my Sunday consists of Sacrament and meetings haha. I've already helped pass the Sacrament and this week I'm going to Bless haha. We then learn more about ordinances and opportunities we have to serve as Missionaries. But other than that Sunday is a day to work on assessments and study. We had a devotional tonight by Sister Kemp Perry who is the woman that wrote and arranged several hymns and children's songs for the church. We got to sing along with some of the songs she wrote and also she shared with us her Family song that was absolutely AMAZING!! I really wish everyone had a family song. Also every Sunday night there is a Sunday night Movie and I got to watch the Character of Christ which is a MTC devotional given by Elder Bednar a few years ago at Christmas time. It really taught me the importance of thinking about others and not myself.

On Monday our week begins again and we started our TRC meetings. Elder Mau'u and I have been teaching a 75 year old man that loves to talk named Arnold. And a Early 20's Man named Andrew. They are polar opposites so it is fun to have to change mindsets. Really all we do during the day though is go to class and personal study. We have started getting Exercise time every day for an hour, so I have been running and playing volleyball to try and burn off some of my gut haha.

So for tuesday we didn't have TRC so our classes were a bit more extensive as we pull apart the verses in the Book of Mormon and Role Play with our Teachers. We really have a bit of the same schedule every day, but the lesson material changes. Also they have a choir here that practices every Tuesday and Sunday and that perform in the Tuesday night devotionals. This Tuesday night devotional was by Elder Falabella of the Seventy. He gave great insight into how to approach Missionary work and the Importance of speaking to everyone.

So for this Wednesday it was a special one. There was a world wide missionary broadcast. Every missionary in the MTC and out in the fields watched it. It was showing us the importance of working with the members in our area and why both Elders need to be in tune with the spirit and each other. It was really inspiring and made me realize to not be afraid to speak to people. It was a great help in boosting my confidence.

So this is the last day of my week. Things have been going really well with Arnold and he feels that our church is the only one that really makes sense. I am thinking that today (Friday) we will ask him to be BAPTIZED!! And I have a very strong feeling that he will say yes. But for Thursday we had what is called "In-Field Orientation" and that was when we went over all the behind the scene work for Missionaries. The making goals and planning, working with members to get referrals, and about why we need to be balanced in our teachings and about why it is important that you and your companion have great communication with each other.

Well Friends and Family that was my week. I can't wait to email you from Idaho next week.
I just want to leave you with some scriptures that I have been studying. If you will read 2 Nephi 31 it will tell you why I am on my mission and what it is that I need to be doing.

I Love all of You so much,
-Elder Farney

My MTC Branch President and his wife

Sister Pinhey (penny) and Sister Borla

Another zone in my district!

It is such a new sight!!

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