Friday, February 26, 2016

15 February 2016

15 February 2016

Okay so not gonna lie, this past week has been a bit of a bummer too. But it was much better than the week before!

So we found a family that had recently moved in. And we started getting in contact and trying to set up an appointment with her and her kids. And one day this week she said "I'm too busy to  meet right now, sorry"... So we got dropped like a rock. Sadness, but that is part of the reality of a Mission. A young man that we have been trying to teach named Jett, he has been wrestling and going to state tournaments so he hasn't been able to meet with us, but we will see him soon.

But we have done a lot of good this week too. We took some time to go through and clean up our Area Books and find new people to reject us haha. We found a couple people who are interested in having us come back and teach though. And last night President Dye (Stake President) invited us over to his house to see how he could help us. So when we told him about our issues with old records and not up to date information. He gave us access to ALL of the stake's information on all families and everything we need to know! So things should go well for us this next week as we use our new information to meet new families. It is a really great blessing to have so much support from auxiliaries and leadership in the church.

The weather has been interesting, it has been getting warm. like anywhere from 35-45 degrees! (That's burning here! For all you folks back home that think that is wicked cold) And it has felt really warm. BUT the wind has been absolutely ridiculous! It creates like a -20 wind chill and drops the temperature really far. Its been at like 30mph for a long time. It makes it difficult to walk around and I have long hair right now so I look like trash all the time. So to combat that problem I am getting a hair cut this week. Well probably more than just one hair though. I'm gonna try and get them all cut. XD hahaha!

I have found a scripture this week that inspires me to work hard and to remain strong every day. That scripture is Numbers 23:22 (Old Testament). It says: "God brought them out of Egypt; he hath as it were the strength of an Unicorn"

So I will work with the strength of an Unicorn and help to deliver people from "Egypt" (Apostasy).

I love you all so much and I love getting all of your emails!
 The Ward Mission Leader of one of our wards is building this 
to take up into the mountains with him and his family. It is almost done!

We got to eat breakfast with a Member of the stake presidency 
and they had a bunch of dogs and chickens trying to kill each other over some food haha.

 So This is a picture that was drawn by a kid who was 14 and he is from Arizona. 
He has a lot of artwork like this. His name is Jordan O'Dare (I think) 
and I just thought it was really cool.

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