Monday, February 8, 2016

First Email From The Mission Field

1 February 2016

Well I have had a very interesting week!

Leaving the MTC was a party all by itself. Getting to the airport was lots of fun! (Sarcasm haha)

I have had so much going on that I can't really break it down by day. So it will just be all mashed together.

So since I have been in Idaho:
I arrived in Idaho and met my Companion/Trainer Elder Witbeck (Said how it is spelled). He is a really cool Missionary. He is from South Carolina and has been out for 7 months. BUT he was born in Charlotte, North Carolina haha. Thought that that was pretty cool. We have had a very productive week checking in on some Less Active members and finding 5 possible New Investigators! All in less than a week!!
Elder Witbeck and I are over 6 wards. That isn't even the whole stake! There are 10 wards in the stake, but the Zone Leaders cover the other 4 wards.

We cover:
Chubbuck 3rd,5th,6th,7th,9th, and 11th Wards

I have had dinner with several different families in the 11th Ward this week, but one family that is just SO cool and tons of fun is the Call family. We went over and had dinner and we spent hours just talking. For those of you that know Noah Clark, Brother Call is his dad's cousin! It was a cool connection to make. We played some games and gave a lesson, best night in Idaho so far.

This past Saturday the coolest thing happened!
Okay so my companion and I had just finished Companion study and we were about to go make our lunch when the phone rang and it was a number that we didn't recognize. He answered the phone and it ended up being a Missionary that had just gotten back the same day I got to Idaho! It was cool, he asked if he could treat us to lunch and we were like Heck Yes! So while Elder Witbeck and the returned missionary (Brother Anderson) were deciding on where to go eat I said "Why don't we go to Panda Express?" (One of my favorite places to eat) and they both decided that sounded good. So Brother Anderson showed up just a few minutes before we did and he ran into a guy that looked a little confused. Brother Anderson stopped to help him and found out that the Man was looking to expand his company out there. The man offered Brother Anderson a Job! Right There! He was so excited. It really proves that Heavenly Father guides and protects his children. We had lunch and he told us about his mission and it really showed us how much a mission can change someone if they let it.

This past Sunday we went to the 11th,3rd, and 6th ward. The 6th ward was where Brother Anderson was giving his Homecoming talk! And after sacrament, for the 3rd Ward, when I was sitting, a man came up to me and said "You're brand new on your mission aren't you?" I was mind blown because everyone else has told me that would have believed me if I had said I'd been out for a year! But i realized that I kinda recognized him, not sure why though. As we continue to talk I discover that it was a man that I had talked to on the Train to the Airport from the MTC!!! He was visiting his grandparents ward in Idaho this weekend, and I don't believe in Coincidences. It was such a cool moment and he told me that I look like I am handling the Mission well.

We have met many new people and my past as a wrestler and soccer player, and as wanting to join the military when I get home has opened so many doors and peoples interest sparks as they listen to my testimony about prayer and being guided to go on a mission.

I don't really have much else to say this week because it has only been a couple days. But I cant wait to have more to send next week.
If anyone every has questions, comments, concerns, or conundrums. Just send me an email and I will do my best to answer and reply.
ALSO I love getting pictures or people so if you can include emails of pictures!

I Love you all!!
-Elder Farney

A Plaque In The Mission Office

ELDER WITBECK (South Carolina)
My First Companion

Elder Allbright
A service missionary in our area that joins us every now and then!

All the missionaries from our Zone that were from Arizona. 
Except the one on the end 
(She had to be in it because her companion 
couldn't be alone in a pic with the Elders haha)

My District at the MTC and Sister Smyth (One of our Teachers)

A chain that we found outside a house 
that people use to help the ice down off the roof. 
It is totally enclosed in ice! (I'm cold up here haha)

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