Friday, February 26, 2016

8 February 2016

 8 February 2016
Everything is going by so fast! On this next Saturday I will have been out for a MONTH! It is really exciting.

So this past week has been interesting. It has actually been a very challenging week. Things were not going our way at all. We had an appointment fall through because WE scrubbed up. We forgot to bring a member with us, the family is a Single Mother, a Youth that is 9 and his sisters. So we couldn't go in and teach. We are planning on returning this week and teaching a lesson and see if he is interested in being baptized.
And we have been teaching what we thought was two nonmembers. TURNS OUT the boyfriend/fiance was baptized when he was 8 and just never became active in the church. SO totally changing our approach and our paperwork because we have been counting them both as Nonmembers. It was really funny how he told us. Elder Witbeck has been visiting with them since before I got here, and it was after he and I had gone it 3 times and right after I said something about it being late and us needing to go and he said something along the lines of "Oh well yeah since I was baptized when I was 8 I do know a bit about the church." And you could feel the confusion in the room until he clarified that he was Baptized into the LDS church. Good to know before we try to extend a baptismal date to them haha.

Other things just have not been going our way, people not wanting to talk to us and others deciding that they aren't interested in the church at the moment. I know that is is part of the missionary life, but I can't help feel bad for them. I am so happy because I have the knowledge and understanding of where I came from, why I'm here, where I'm going, and how it is all possible. I really want everyone else to feel this as well. But everything works in its own time and the Lord will prepare those that need me here in Idaho.

I love working with the Members and the Ward Mission Leaders. Everyone is so welcoming and inviting. One thing I have noticed though is that everyone thinks that since I am from Arizona, I am dying out in the cold. Yes I will admit that I am still getting used to it. But I'm thick, lots of insulation haha. I'm surviving.

There really isn't a ton to report on this week. We do have a new rule though. We must wear our suits when we are out proselyting. Unless it is 70 degrees or above. It will be an adjustment but I will live haha.

I love all of you and I love receiving emails during the week!
 Just before I left, my mom and I ran into a friend of hers.  
She told us her nephew was serving in the same mission!!   
Guess who I ran into?!  Elder McMurdie

 Elder Witbeck and Elder Farney

A picture that a Less Active family had hanging in their home! 
I thought it was so cool. Their whole wall was dedicated to America.

This is JUST after it snowed for a whole night. 
The car didn't even want to drive. And! I could see my breath inside the car. 
It fascinated me haha!-- 

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